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I thank God that he led my mind to Adkins Memorial Funeral Home to entrust my cousin's funeral arrangements to. I am TRULY satisfied with everything that they provided for us. Gabriel is such a highly professional man who treated us with a great amount of dignity, honor, and respect. He made such a difficult task into an easy one. His pleasant personality took a heavy load off of our shoulders. He is well knowledgeable in this profession. He knows what he is doing. His employees were just as nice. Oh, and the way that he made her look. Nothing less than perfect. He knew how to make her look BEAUTIFUL. I have received some wonderful comments from how the services was carried out to the way she looked. My final statement to Gabriel is: JOB WELL DONE AND KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT QUALITY OF WORK THAT YOU PROVIDE. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Selma Davis
April 1, 2023

Gabriel, a huge thank you to you and your team for providing a great service for my family in our time of need. We appreciate everything that you’ve done for us and continue to do as we take this loss day by day. Again thank you to you and your team for providing the comfort we needed.

William Norman Jones Family
Uncle Norman

Christy Spence
March 25, 2023

Gabriel, you have been a very compassionate young man! In my time of bereavement, I was really out of it…I couldn’t think and my heart was hurting very badly! I didn’t know what to do or anything! I had lost my better half and I was in another world, so to speak! However, you and your staff showed me the comfort I so desperately needed. You never rushed me, you were always helpful and were sympathetic as i tried to get through the task of giving the man (who was such a loving part of me) a wonderful send-off to be with God. I’ve heard some who went to my husband’s home going say that it was a very classy, and beautiful service! That could NOT have been said without the professionalism, sympathy and care you and Adkins Memorial Funeral Home provided me! The gifts (including the memorial blanket and the memorial hardback book), your pricing and your concern made my unpleasant reason for calling you, a sincere blessing. I truly pray for God to continue to work through you such that you will continue to endure as the awesome young business man that you are! Blessings to you and your businesses!
Vendetta Sutton🌷🙏😇❤️

Vendetta Sutton
October 11, 2022

Gabriel, Thank you and your staff
for everything that you did and the excellent service that you all provided
to us in the loss of our mom (Mother Isabella Skinner. When we first called you with questions you were honest, caring and upfront about everything. Thank you for the kindness and compassion shown to our family. The restoration on my mom was excellent. We couldn't have asked for anything better. A special thanks to you Mr. Hughes. You all took a very difficult time and made it less stressful. The Crowning and the delicious food was awesome. We will highly recommend your excellent services to any family. Abundant Blessings to you and your staff. We will keep you all in prayer as we ask that you do the same for us.
The family of Mother Isabella Evans Skinner.

Debra Barcliff
April 1, 2022

Mr. Adkins and Staff, words can’t even express how grateful we are for the compassion, respect, and professionalism shown to our family during our time of loss. We appreciate your thoughtfulness, concern, and assistance during our time of grief and the loss of our loved one. Again, thank you so much for all you’ve done. May God continue to bless you.

John, Johnetta, and Pollard Family

The Pollard Family
February 28, 2022

I Can Not Say Thank You Enough To Adkins Memorial Funeral Home For Doing Such A Wonderful Job Preparing My Dad Anton Skinner Burial Arrangements. Thank You For Guiding Us Through This Process As This Was The Most Difficult Time of My Life. However, You Brought Us Through and We Were More Than Satisfied With The Outcome.

So Again, Thank You For Everything!!!!

Dwan Bell
February 7, 2022

Words could never express the professionalism and love that was shown from everyone through the whole process. This was a very hard time for me loosing a mother. Mr. Adkins was right there through the whole process. Making sure everything was done with perfection. I highly recommend this funeral home service above all.

Angela Whidbee
January 26, 2022

Gabriel Adkins thank you so much for all you have done for me and my family. I cant explain how im feeling right now. However I wanted to take the time and let you know that you did a great job. I am pretty sure my mom would of bee satisfied as I am. You went above and beyond for us. You didnt rush me or anything you was at my paste. That meant a lot. I was lost really. I always had my mom there to help guide me. Seems like u stepped in on time. Again I thank you. Thank you and your staff for everything. May God continue to Bless each and everyone of you. God Bless.
Cynthia Williams and family.

Cynthia Williams
September 12, 2021

I want to send my heartfelt thank you to Adkins Funeral Services. I don’t even know where to start. The compassion, Caring , Respect and Professionalism shown to “Liel” and my family was beyond measure. I thank you Gabriel and Staff. You told us you had our backs and you and your staff came through. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
Peace & Blessings
The Banks/Johnson Family

Tessie Banks
September 6, 2021

We would highly recommend Adkins Memorial Funeral Services because of the compassion and professionalism they bestowed to our family in preparing the celebration of life and home going services for Lillian Spence and Troy Jones. They did a remarkable and outstanding job in making the remains of our loved ones "casket sharp". Gabriel Adkins, owner and operator, showed himself to be trustworthy and dependable. He carried out the services for each of our loved ones as we directed him. He was prompt to communicate concerns and suggestions and follow through so that every aspect of the service was addressed. Ultimately, he made this difficult time a lot less stressful. We would not hesitate to use them again.

Cecile Spence and Kevin Jones
August 29, 2021

It’s unbelievable My Mom recently & unexpectedly had 2 prepare 4 the Death of my Brother Demetrius Staten in Greensboro NC. The stress of unexpected death And fact that family burial sites are In Elizabeth city NC could have made this Unbearable!…But Adkins Funeral Home IMMEDIATELY UPON NOTICE Stepped in that Day & Told My Mom Don’t Worry about Anything. They immediately picked up the body and had My Brother in Elizabeth City ASAP and hadn’t stressed my Mother about 1 Dime!!! The Compassion, the Talent of having My Brorher look so Good was Heaven Sent. The way they took care of My Mother and this family, Fed Us Good Food and made Us Feel Like All we had to worry about was Grieving, Adkins is Truly God Sent and Understands what Families go thru. I would recommend them 100% with All My Heart and the STATEN FAMILY CANT THANK ADKINS FUNERAL HOME ENOUGH!!! Demetrius Staten resting in Peace. Thankyou Adkins.

Tonya Staten
July 10, 2021

Mr. Adkins you and your staff were phenomenal. Putting a loved one to rest is physically and emotionally challenging. Often the families must work together to create the experiences and gather finances. This brings another whole level of issues. Your ability to remain professional and courteous throughout the process mad this process so much easier. Your kindness and patience can not be overstated. You treated us like we had a million dollars to spend and trust me we did not, and you knew that as well.

Unfortunately, I have had the opportunity to experience many funerals with many providers. I have been personally involved in more that I care to recall. I have come to expect a certain level of service. Adkins Memorial Funeral Home exceeded all expectations. I would recommend this establishment above them all to all surrounding areas. The upcharge to have your services in Chesapeake or Virginia Beach or other areas in Hampton Roads are more than compensated in the type of services you receive and amenities.

The extras that you provide brought our experience over the top. The plaques and presentation and the meals. Who does that? I was expecting some dried-up ham and maybe some cabbage. What we received was choices of freshly fried chicken white or dark meat and sweet rolls! You were on time; you were dressed professional and you provided all that was promised. From the bottom of our broken hearts we would like to thank you for the finally service you provide for Esther Icelean. She deserved the BEST and that is exactly what you gave her. Well done young man!


Angelita Isom
February 24, 2021

Mr. Adkins and his staff did an amazing job during the transition of my dad and my brother. I cannot thank you and your staff enough for everything they did to support my family,and to make our burdens a little easier to bare. Continue to allow God to use you and your staff to be a blessing to so many. Thank you so very much, Mr. and Mrs. George L. Powell

George & Martha Powell
January 10, 2021

You are the best. The Harvey family would like to thank you for your professionalism, outstanding service and kind spirit during our time of bereavement for our mother Gracie Harvey! Many blessings to you in 2021.

Maria Harvey
January 1, 2021

I would like to personally thank Gabriel Adkins and his staff for all that was done to make my grandfather's (James E. McCoy Sr.) and uncle's (Cecil Manley Jr.) celebration of life special for my family.

The love you showed did not go unnoticed. It was a difficult time to lose two family members on the same day, but you showed great resilience while going through your own loss of a loved one.

My family thanks you for not only caring for us after their passing but also being a helping hand as my uncle transitioned. Your acts of kindness and love showed me that you are not in this business for just monetary gain. You truly care about the well-being of the families you serve.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart

Sharron Bell
December 9, 2020

To our friend, Gabriel Adkins, and everyone at Adkins Memorial Funeral Home (ADKINS): We thank you all so very much for the excellent care and professionalism you all extended to the Greene/Johnson family at the loss of Davon. Every detail was handled with perfection! Everything was very well coordinated, and we left feeling so glad we chose ADKINS to handle Davon’s passing. Please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers going forward.

Alkeen Johnson
December 9, 2020

On behalf of the Brooks family we would like to thank Adkins Memorial Funeral Home for the outstanding job that was done on Ms. Karen Brooks. Gabriel assisted our family in a very professional manner, your staff as well. We highly recommend him to assist whomever when needed. Again we appreciate you!

Brooks Family
October 30, 2020

My sincere appreciation to Gabriel Adkins for his willingness to ensure our satisfaction in the services provided for our mother, Clara B. Gibson. Gabriel, your service was impeccable and completed with attention to every detail. Again, sincere thanks from my heart.

Marilyn Gibson Gregory
October 24, 2020

I would like to say thank you to the Adkins Funeral Home for an amazing job with their services for my brother Rashad Williams. The staff is amazing very welcoming, friendly and caring. They keep you in their thoughts through prayers, with text, and phone calls even after your loved ones are gone. Thank you again for your amazing services and beautiful job.

Chikina Crutch
October 21, 2020

I want to personally thank Mr. Gabriel Adkins and his staff, for the amazing Homegoing Service, for my mom, Clara Gibson Bazemore. They put their heart and soul in making sure that everything was done in a professional manner.
The first business meeting with my sister and me, was done in a compassionate, caring and professional manner. He paid attention to every detail, to make sure that everything was clear and done according to our wishes.
Gabriel took the time to call and check on us throughout the week until my mom's final committal service. He also let us know that he was only a phone call away, if we needed him for anything. We felt that he genuinely cared about our needs and concerns.
The Homegoing Service was done to perfection. The backdrop was beautifully done. The setup matched the casket and the outfit of my mom. Gabriel was very observant. He worked quickly when he saw a possibility of a problem. He paid attention to every detail.
His fleet of cars and lineup, looked so impressive as we traveled in an organized and safe manner.
The graveside service was also done professionally. Every thing flowed smoothly. We even had soft music playing, when we arrived. Dinners were also, prepared for everyone in take out containers after the service.
I strongly recommend Gabriel Adkins Memorial Funeral Home for those needing funeral services.
Respectfully Submitted,
Sylvia Johnson

Sylvia Johnson
October 20, 2020

I want to send a huge thank you to the Adkins Family for taking care of my family in our time of need. Thank you for treating us with class and great honor. Thank you for providing professional mannerisms during this grieving time for us.

Dwayne A. Williams
September 29, 2020

We the family of Denise Soletta Brothers from the bottom of our hearts would love to thank Gabriel Adkins and the Adkins Funeral Home for such a BEAUTIFUL homegoing service for our loved one. Thank you especially Gabriel for your professionalism, guidance and patience during our time of grief. We were beyond pleased with your exceptional services.💖💖

Christie Spence
September 26, 2020

I thought I was going to lose my mind. But when I tell you this Funeral Home took control and handled everything for me. It's the Gods Honest Truth. Not only did they do a professional and outstanding job! They actually cared about me and my sons last wishes. They were feasible, professional, clean, and thorough!! I'm pleased and proof to lay my son to rest through Adkins Memorial Funeral Home. Thank you guys so much!! Y'all were awesome in such a depressing and devastating time. ❤️🙏🤗

Cassandra Jefferson
September 8, 2020

Adkins memorial

I thought long and hard about this and ask god to give me the correct words to say. When my daughter passed my mind was at its worst but when you find or should i say GOD brings a person like Adkins memorial to you i was so grateful. Everything he and his staff did was so amazing he took care of my daughter like she was his daughter . I want to say thank each and everyone of you !

Angel Cooper
August 18, 2020

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Mr. Adkins and his staff who assisted us during the loss of my father. I had never planned any type of funeral services before and it was hard to do it for my father. I was completely clueless, but Mr. Adkins and Mr. Phillip guided us through each step and was extremely patient. When we arrived at the airport in Norfolk, VA, he sent a limo to pick up me and my family and didn’t charge us anything. He arranged the hotel accommodations for us as well. I would recommend the Adkins Funeral Home staff to any family. You will not be disappointed. He still calls to check on us monthly. Thank you again Mr. Adkins for all you did for my family. You all are the best.

Elizabeth Copeland
July 16, 2020

Mr. Gabriel Adkins

I would like to send a special thank you to Adkins Memorial Funeral Home for a great job well done on my brother. You assisted my family in a compassionate and professional manner. You did such a magnificent job on Byron. The facility was beautiful and would fit anyone's needs. The staff was wonderful there to aid with great dignity for the family. Thank you again Adkins Memorial Funeral Home for your professionalism at our time of need. It's time like this, it's hard to know when to say something and when not to. I would definitely recommend Adkins Memorial Funeral Home to any family. I want to say to Adkins Memorial Funeral Home that the Brown family truly appreciated everything from the bottom of our hearts, and that god will continue to bless you and your business.

Roselyn B. Moore & Family
July 15, 2020

Let me first say thank you to Adkins Memorial Funeral Home for the magnificent job they did on my brother. Mr. Adkins was so friendly and assisted us every step of the way. My brother died here in Georgia and we wanted to have his homegoing in Elizabeth City, North Carolina and Mr. Adkins and Mr. Leigh helped to ensure it was done so smoothly without any problems. My brother looked so peacefully. The funeral home is beautiful and the chapel is very big. Thank you again Adkins Funeral home for a job well done. You guys made things so much easier for us and we are truly thankful.

Many blessings,

Barbara Shannon
July 14, 2020

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